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Curiousa Icons

Icons of a phantamagoric nature.

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This is the icon journal of viciousbleu. It is of course not limited to icons, there's always the friends only banners, layout additions, mood themes (in the works) and random photoshop love.

Feel free to take what ye wish, just remember the rules:

1. Comment, and please comment with the numbers of ones you're taking, (unless its a whole bunch of them, than it's not such a big deal). Knowing what ones are taken the most help me know which styles are the biggest hits. Plus, it makes my ego happy.

2. Credit, of course. It helps spread the love of curiousa_icons and, as above, makes me happy. This is how you credit: here.

3. Don't alter anything without permission. I doubt there's a chance I'd object as long as you ask, but these are not bases (aka the older ones). I try to aim for the style used in minimal_icons, by working around a simple border and interesting cropping. And, since every single screen cap on here is made by yours truely, you can't use that one against me. Some people have made some very beautiful icons with mine, and some people have done some really tacky things without crediting or asking.

4. I really hoped this would be obvious but no hotlinking ever!

5. Check out teh_indy's Do's and Don'ts of The Icon Community. Very good stuff indeed.
And finally, feel free to request anything and I'll try my quickest to make it for you.
(Unless it's obsecene or icky or whatnot.)

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  • grn_mouse_icons

    If you would like to be an affiliate, feel free to leave a comment in a recent entry.